I was given the task to create a concept for a new music app. Broadcast is my answer to a more human way of sharing and discovering music.
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Users can listen to their own music like normal, or they can discover new music by tuning into nearby Broadcast users who are live casting what they are currently listening too.


I considered different layouts for the discover screen such as grids and lists, however I felt that these didn’t work well for the product as it felt too structured and confirmative, the opposite of a natural discovery process. I decided upon this unstructured and freeform collection of user orbs so that the user can pan around the screen naturally to search for users/music.
Artboard 1 Copy 14A user can quickly go from listening to their own music, to launching their own public broadcast by simply holding on the pause button.


In this mode a user can’t skip through their songs mid-play as having to endure listening to users skipping through tracks would result in a poor user experience; instead they can curate their upcoming playlist.


Additionally. Alike periscope, users receive a sense of reward by seeing how many people have tuned into their broadcast and how many people like your live feed.Artboard 1 Copy 16

Users can also follow broadcasters so that they can tune in from any location. In doing so they can build a more human connection with other users music. The best feature of Broadcast is that the discovery of music is more human and explorative experience. No top, popular or latest charts hits; but an experience of discovery of every song of every genre of every generation.