Mono is the product of a collaborative university project for a live brief given to us from R/GA.


Mono is a social media aggregator that brings together all of your friends posts from various social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. into one app and displays only the most recent singular post per user, meaning that you will only ever see your friends latest post.


The app displays all available data from the users content, to provide a richer and more dynamic experience. In the example post below, Mono understands that the location of the post is at a hotel in an unfamiliar country, which more likely than not means that the user is on holiday; so in this case Mono has added some more details such as the temperature.


After two years, I am currently in the process off updating the UI/UX of mono. (The recent designs are in full colour.)


The thinking behind this redesign is to put the main focus on the content, and so the users media is displayed full-bleed at the top of the screen.


The post screen is to focus on the users post, so the secondary information is contained at the bottom of the screen, with additional actions stored in a ‘more’ ellipsis icon at the top right.


Mono isn’t purely an app to view content from Twitter, Facebook, Vine etc. users can also create great content from inside Mono. Aggregating content was a tactic to attract users to this app first, with the intention of them crossing over to Mono to be their primary social media app.


In the bottom right corner is a persistent ‘add’ button to allow users to create content from anywhere in the app. In the previous design, these create actions were fully expanded and fixed to the bottom of the screen, which looking back, takes too much focus away from the content.


I have also reviewed all the icons in the second version of Mono. Making them look and feel more unified and consistent.


You can see some of the old designs below.

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  • Client Mono
  • Date 03/10/2014
  • Skills Interface iPhone Strategy UX
  • Tags Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Vine, Aggregator, iOS, Interface