Racon is an adaptive mobile payment and advertising iBeacon application, that enables small businesses to have a mobile presence without the expense of commissioning an individual app.


The business are able to setup each iBeacon with a profile that consists of brand colours & typography and images/media & descriptive text of products or services. When a customer walk past the establishment and picks up the iBeacon signal, it loads the brand UI and content onto the app. If they enter a different establishment Racon refreshes to adapt to the new establishments iBeacon.racon-payment

The UI was designed to feel familiar and tactile. Like sifting through your purse or wallet. The buttons are big and easy to read/use and the stacked cards are always available from any screen, so it makes navigating through products easy and fast.


  • Client Racon
  • Date 03/16/2014
  • Skills Interface iPhone Strategy UX
  • Tags iBeacons, Adaptive, iOS, iPhone, Interface, HMV, Michael Jackson, Xscape