Rico Logistics Concept

This is a concept PDA app for Rico logistics. Currently they use the generic Motorola PDA machines which most of us are familiar with; big, bulky, with a tiny (which feels primitive) touch screen.


Where most/a lot of people have smartphones now, it seemed to make sense to have their own individual app which would enable them as a business, the couriers as employees and the customers to benefit from it.

Artboard 1 Copy 11

The main goal of this concept was to keep everything as simple as possible and super easy to use. I split the home screen into four segments and colour co-ordinated each one (using colour tones derived from the companies branding) to represent different product functions.


On each segment/card I have included some overview information to give the user glanceable information at the finger tips.

Artboard 1 Copy 10

When the courier arrives to the customers address, they simply scan the barcode and all the information is retrieved to the PDA ready for the customer to sign and receive their package.


There is a little toggle at the top to make the most of touch screen devices, to sign with their finger.

Artboard 1 Copy 9

The information page is a place where drivers can store their user information and see an overview of their failed and successful deliveries as well as sign out at the end of the day.